Amazon Web Services | AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services delivered to clients globally.

A Premier Tier Services Partner, Cascadeo has more than 100 AWS certifications and 15 years of experience creating goal-driven client solutions in the AWS Cloud. Cascadeo’s expertise is building resilient, cost-effective, fully customized AWS Cloud solutions and managing those deployments via our expert global support staff.

Cloud Migration

Ensure you are fully prepared for a successful cloud migration and deployment with a thorough, strategic, goal-driven assessment of current compute functions and an idea of what’s possible, what’s desirable, and what’s critical in to your IT future. Pre-service assessments include some or all of the following, based on client needs: 

Cloud Migration and Deployment

Whether you are ready to take your entire IT infrastructure and daily operations cloud-native and pursue a digital transformation to prime your business for innovation in the future, or you want to take advantage of the cloud for some operations and remain on-site in a hybrid cloud formulation for others, Cascadeo can help. Across a wide variety of needs, Cascadeo’s global staff of AWS certified experts can guide you into the cloud with your business goals at the forefront of the process, from initial migration and development stages through the AWS Well Architected Review

  • Landing Zone Deployment
  • Organizational Unit Structure Deployment
  • AWS Cost Explorer Reporting and Dashboard Design
  • Server Utilization
  • Well Architected Review

Managed Services

Managed Services and Dedicated Managed Services as let by global expert staff and supported by Cascadeo AI, a comprehensive cloud and system monitoring and support platform. We provide around-the-clock live response support to keep you resilient, stable, and free to pursue your organization’s goals without worry about the systems that enable your work, whether we build your new computing environment or you’re already in the cloud. Managed services typically include: 

Get Ready To Go Cloud First