Cloud Build Services

Across the spectrum of cloud services, you get support for building migration plans, executing on implementation, innovating with cloud development, and serving your customers with application development. When you are ready, get ongoing support with managed services.
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Cascadeo builds cloud implementation strategies that address the needs and opportunities that are unique to your business, your industry sector, and your objectives, based on best practices for the vendor platform you choose. We create step-by-step outlines for your organization’s continuous growth and transformation.

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A solid cloud migration strategy depends upon the successful completion of cloud design, readiness assessment, and implementation assessment steps, and, once you’re in the cloud, ensuring that your data is optimized, secure, and easy to retrieve. Real-time monitoring of critical infrastructure and a security assessment will help ensure that your data is working well in its new environment.

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Create applications or other compute resources that are built, managed, and run wholly in SaaS or PaaS. Cloud computing helps you harness the power of web-based platforms and gives you the scalability to support your business as it grows.

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App Dev

Custom software or custom application development lets you address the specific pain points of your customers, employees, and other business stakeholders. You can improve process automation, add productivity tools, and grow revenue channels. Cascadeo’s experts build modern, effective, cloud-native apps to carry your business into the future.

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