Predictive Data, Customer Service, and Agility for the Insurance Industry

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More accurate coverage data, faster customer service, and scalable infrastructure for fluctuating computational needs make the cloud a perfect home for the insurance industry.

Insurance works better in the cloud. With cloud-native options like machine learning for coverage data insights, IoT connectivity to monitor property, advanced features to facilitate improved service and broker, agent, and customer relationships, and scalability and automation to handle both routine and unpredictable spikes in computing demand, insurance companies can move smoothly into the future.

Cloud resiliency, advanced identity and access management, omnichannel customer interfaces, and automated service chatbots keep you connected to your customers, wherever they are, whenever they need you, and maintain broker and agent access to the information necessary to maintain your reputation as reliable, accessible, and service-oriented. The scalability and elasticity of the cloud make sure you have the capacity to handle weather events and other unpredictable service spikes as well as scheduled increases in demand like updating actuarial models and quarterly close processes.

Advanced data management ensures that the information at your agents’ and brokers’ fingertips is accurate, up-to-the-minute, and informed by precise, customized insights. IoT device-gathered data contributes to your wealth of knowledge, allowing customized coverage based on real-world events, and AI/ML informed analytics provide key insights and clear predictions to keep that data timely and usable. Expert-led implementations of generative AI are building rapidly on these capacities, using both original and synthetic data to support enhanced predictive modeling.

When you choose a digital transformation with managed services, all these features come with built-in security, cost optimization, CI/CD to keep your system up to date, and best-in-industry cloud management with cutting-edge monitoring and remediation and expert engineers to take care of your cloud so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

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