Application Modernization

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Software and Application Modernization

Modernize your applications to improve functionality and create new innovation. 

Application modernization can be a major undertaking that can encompass any number of strategies, including the well known rehost, refactor, rearchitect, rebuild, and replace. An important component of a digital transformation strategy, application modernization helps position organizations to better compete, ensure service or product availability, and serve customers.

Understanding an application’s relationship and business functions is a critical first step to any application modernization project.

  • Assess

  • Modernize

  • Manage

Application Modernization Rationale

Even though legacy software can become very entrenched in the business, deploying updated or modernized applications can dramatically improve business performance. In addition, modern applications help improve the organization’s security posture, as well as make it easier for employees to perform efficiently.

You need a modernization roadmap, and to build a business case. As you move through the modernization process, program, change, and transition management will help keep the project on track.

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