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Your Composite AI Powered Cloud Management Platform

Cascadeo AI is a comprehensive cloud management platform that synthesizes the best available AI technologies in a single monitoring tool, enabling businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize thousands of cloud deployments in real time.

Cascadeo AI simplifies management of your public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments by gathering extensive operational data and telemetry from your system, analyzing that data, and providing streamlined alerts with AI-powered runbook recipes to facilitate fast, easy remediation, outage prevention, and optimization. Cascadeo AI keeps your business online, operational, and scalable, with support for cost analytics, management, governance, and periodic architecture reviews, with 24/7/365 expert support.

Because your investments are valuable, Cascadeo AI integrates with your existing tools, aggregating a variety of monitoring inputs and sending alerts to your designated recipient via channels like Slack, email, or SMS. Alert thresholds are automated to match your system’s recommendations, but can be fully customized to account for your particular needs. Because it’s built to be adaptable, the platform is ready to work with many applications as you scale.

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For MSPs

Cascadeo AI is available for licensing under our brand or yours, and can leverage your existing NOC or outsource operations to Cascadeo’s 24/7/365 team. 

Enterprise Users

Customized, comprehensive cloud management to keep your system online, operational, and scalable across all your deployments. 

Features and Benefits of Cascadeo AI

Composite AI Integration

Cascadeo AI synthesizes the best AI with human insight in a single tool to achieve superior cloud operational outcomes. It enables businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize thousands of public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem deployments in real time. AI tools in use include Amazon Bedrock, Amazon DevOps Guru, Amazon SageMaker,  and other leading AI technologies.

Actionable Insights

Composite AI integration plus human engineering provide clear, fast, accurate alert responses. Cascadeo AI’s advanced components work together to validate alerts and their sources and recommend thorough, accurate remediation steps, even for entirely novel events. Your staff can manage your operations in less time, with improved consistency, precision, and responsiveness. 

Integrate with Existing Tools

Cascadeo AI meets you wherever you are in your cloud journey, building upon your current investments in monitoring and operations and evolving with as you continue to adopt new cloud technologies. The platform integrates a wide variety of inputs, including cloud management tools you are already using, so your existing cloud management time and licenses don’t go to waste.

Security & Governance

Cascadeo AI inventories your cloud assets and data access and applies your governance policies automatically, then runs periodic policy checks to make sure your architecture is operating in compliance with your security standards. It also offers cost optimization, inventory management, reporting, and support for Well-Architected Reviews to keep you fully operational and safe in the cloud.

Automated Onboarding & Updates

Onboarding automation gets you up and running fast. Because Cascadeo AI is installed without significant human effort, and because thresholds are either pre-configured or developed via machine learning, the platform is deployed with full alerting and account coverage in a single hour, providing immediate value. And because the platform is cloud-delivered SaaS, it’s updated frequently with no investment in time or intervention on your part. 

Customized Outputs

Cascadeo AI’s analysis, data, reporting, and recommendations go exactly where you want them to go, so you never have to rummage through dashboards again. You choose the recipient and the method of delivery—email, Slack, SMS, ZenDesk, or PagerDuty—ensuring that the right person gets the right information, every time. Events can be routed to your team or to Cascadeo’s NOC for response.

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