Managed Services for AWS, Azure, and GCP

Blue, white, and orange graphic representing various computing tasks.
Many IT organizations go through structural and resource-level changes—but still have to deliver to the business.

Cloud managed services from Cascadeo can help your organization transform, manage, monitor, and continuously improve your IT environment. Skilled cloud architects work with your team to ensure your strategic goals are being executed so you can get the most out of your cloud investments. Your cloud priorities, whether digital initiates that help you better deliver to your own customers or enterprise IT projects to drive efficiency, form the basis of customized Cascadeo services.

From migrating legacy Windows workloads to complete application modernization, you’ll get a committed team who will help make your organization successful.

If you need additional support, Professional Services (or Pro-Serve) can supplement your staff and contribute to both one-time and ongoing projects.

End-to-End Cloud Native

For customers who need MSP assistance for applications that demand agility and prefer a modern approach that supports continuous integration and continuous delivery, Cascadeo is end-to-end cloud native.

Modernize Legacy Applications

Modernizing legacy applications will help you move to the public cloud. Get help with refactoring, architecting, and choosing the right platform.

DevOps Enablement

Your MSP can act as a back-office service provider and enabler of cloud operations while you better serve your own customers and innovate across your organization.

Strategic Cloud Transformation

The deeper your application stack, the more challenging true IT transformation is. Get help across the application and infrastructure portfolio to modernize your business.

Get Ready To Go Cloud First