How Can Cloud Brokerage Help Your Organization?

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Cloud Brokerage services assist with negotiations on your behalf to manage the relationships between cloud providers and your organization. Brokerages also assist with managing the use, performance, and delivery of all cloud services. A cloud brokerage or reseller offers a single point of contact to provide consistent interaction between multiple cloud providers and transparency regarding those details to the consumer.

Rather than negotiating complicated public cloud contracts yourself, use Cascadeo’s cloud brokerage services. You get better access to customer support, a simplified buying process, and expert guidance to ensure you select the cloud services that are right for you.

  • Service Aggregation–the broker combines multiple services to create one or more new services. The broker provides data integration and security services between the consumer and the cloud service providers.

  • Service Arbitrage–the broker can select services offerings for the consumer from multiple providers in order to best meet the consumer’s needs.

  • Service Intermediation–the broker adds value by adding managed access to the cloud services. Two examples are potential monthly cost savings and enhanced data security.

Learn More About Cloud Brokerage

In addition to helping organizations save time and money, a cloud broker may offer a sub-set of additional services. These can include: the transfer of data to the cloud, data lifecycle management, and selection of data services. These services can accelerate an organization’s transition to cloud services or cloud managed services with fewer risks and business interruptions.

Brokerage also unites security, auditing, and policy enforcement for seamless transparency. License management and reporting services are essential to smooth operations and achieving a uniform user experience throughout the services lifecycle.

Cloud brokerage services benefit enterprises by significantly reducing costs, increasing scalability and flexibility, and reducing service interruptions through the enhanced ability for real-time production chain communication.

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