Public Cloud Transformation from Product Innovation to the Dealer’s Lot

Photo of an engineer on an automatic production floor looking at charts on a tablet.
The business agility provided by public cloud transformation is the key to navigating the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

From product development to dealerships, the automotive industry is shifting fast. Wherever you are in the supply chain, you’re going to need to improved agility to keep up. When logistics get complicated and customer demand changes abruptly, the resiliency of your IT infrastructure and the security of your data demand modern solutions. With expert public cloud architecture, migration, and managed services, you can focus on innovation in the production sector and personalized touchpoints in the customer-facing arena, while maintaining compliance standards in both safety and financing sectors of the industry.

While the automotive industry has always prized innovation, the current era is pushing that formula farther than ever, with the EV revolution finally taking full form, in-car apps and data gathering more necessary than ever, and supply chain disruptions threatening to derail revenue streams. Legacy technology and processes can’t support such rapid and necessary evolution. DevOps, automation, and advanced data analytics and business intelligence programs can.

Using cloud-native infrastructure features like composability, scalability, and built-in redundancy, automotive companies can access improved inventory management, stock tracking, and supply chain management. Cloud architecture’s advanced data management options offer a vivid picture of your customers’ behaviors, needs, and purchasing patterns, and a clear understanding of what happens inside their cars—driving patterns, maintenance and system performance, and app preferences—and can meet those needs with individualized customer outreach and loyalty programs, as well as better buying experiences and market-responsive application development.

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