Better Patient Care and Practice Management in the Public Cloud

Image of a person in a white doctor's coat typing on a laptop with a stethoscope lying nearby.
Digital transformation in healthcare enables providers to serve patients better digitally—wherever they are.

Digital transformation plays a significant role in change to our healthcare delivery models. This trend was vitally important during the pandemic when it became necessary and desirable for providers to treat people remotely to reduce the need for in-person visits.

New tools have become available to healthcare providers and patients. These allow them to access a hybrid version of healthcare services that efficiently create positive change in the health information system. Workflow, patient care, and telehealth options have become part of the accepted landscape in today’s healthcare communication and service delivery. Healthcare providers and institutions have realized the benefit of ease in communicating with patients, improving medication safety, tracking and reporting, and optimizing adherence to guidelines. The use of digitized healthcare records helps improve healthcare service access, transparency and personalization.

The future of healthcare includes technology that combines data to facilitate complete patient medical histories, real-time health status, insurance coverage, and financial information supporting provider decision-making. Healthcare workers can stay in touch through email, smartphones, text messaging, and video calls. They no longer have to mail out appointment reminders and test results. The big-picture focus is on improving patient health and practice management, with an eye toward compliance and security, while reducing costs.

Digital transformation in a healthcare environment involves complete understanding of the value of digital technologies, prioritizing key areas, and the creation of a roadmap for transformation. Cascadeo’s cloud experts work with compliance professionals to make sure healthcare organizations are in step with privacy regulations throughout their cloud journeys.

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