Public Cloud for Ed Tech and Educational Institutions

Cloud transformation offers educational institutions and ed-tech companies scalability for user growth and advanced data management to protect sensitive information.

Educational institutions and ed-tech companies need evidence-based methods and demonstrated outcomes to thrive. Cloud-native data management, access control, and analytics tools can provide the insights, resiliency, and security you need to serve your constituents in a rapidly evolving and geographically varied landscape, whether it is academic or serving academic stakeholders.

As budgets constrict and organizations are called on to demonstrate ROI, the collection, management, and extraction of insight from data has become increasingly essential in the education industry. Solutions must serve a wide range of learners with proven efficacy. Cloud data analytics offer the ability to gather, analyze, and safely manage nearly endless stores of data, with scalability to expand when you need new insights or release new offerings.

Keeping Your Data Secure

You take all that data seriously, and so do regulators and legislatures. Cloud tools and services, as well as expert managed services, provide you to the ability to stay in compliance with regulations and to keep student and institutional data protected. Advanced access management tools allow you to control user access in multiple populations and locations so students and administrators can always use your tools and you can reliably administer user identities.

Keeping those users engaged is key, and cloud-native features give you the best resiliency available, along with scalability to expand offerings and add users during key educational seasons without maintaining high capacity during downtimes, and composability to ensure that your infrastructure can be amended and expanded while remaining stable across your system, ensuring that students, administrators, and faculty can access your tools exactly when they need them.

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