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Precision Ad targeting and real-time data in the cloud 

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For advanced data management, omnichannel customer access, and scalability for growth at scale, ad tech belongs in the cloud.

Your customers need knowledge, precision, and speed, the kind you can only get in the cloud. With advanced data management and real-time analytics, scalability and elasticity to optimize through peak seasons, and the most sophisticated tools for customer access and team collaboration, cloud computing represents the best of all possibilities for advertising tech.  

Precision targeting in real time requires the most up-to-date approaches to data collection, storage, management, and analytics. Cloud modernization can provide you access to the resources required to do more with your data, giving your customers a more precise view of the impact of their advertising spend. A careful cloud architecture builds in security from the start, so all that data is safe and sound.  

Cloud-native features also allow you to offer your customers omnichannel access to your services with instantaneous updates, facilitating smoother collaboration and geographically distributed workspaces for their employees, and yours as well, whether stakeholders are working remotely, collaborating across organizations, or operating multiple locations in varied regions.  

All those features are built on the most flexible platform, with scalability and elasticity built in, so that you only pay for the service you actually use while having access to nearly unlimited capacity for spikes in demand. Even in the highest-demand periods, your system has resiliency at its core, with architecture built on best cloud practices to ensure uptime. With Cascadeo managed services as a key piece of your cloud operations, you add AI and ML powered monitoring and response to ensure your cloud is fully optimized and functioning at its best as you focus on helping your business thrive. 

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