Develop in the cloud for agility, responsiveness, and stability

Blue, white, and orange graphic of a stack of servers connected to a cloud, an iMac computer, a smartphone, and various other peripherals.
Why develop in the cloud? For efficient, cost-effective, agile development of platforms, services, and infrastructures with fewer errors and reduced down time. 

In-cloud development consists of building, testing, deploying, and running applications in the cloud, resulting in IT created in the environment where it operates, eliminating the pitfalls of traditional development, where apps are built, then transferred into their operating environments where they may or may not run smoothly. 

In the cloud, developers use cloud-native advantages from the start, employing DevOps and CI/CD processes for agility and responsiveness, loosely-coupled microservices for stability and flexibility, and multi-server deployments for scalability to keep apps, platforms, and infrastructure reliable, adaptable, and responsive to your business needs. These processes keep your enterprise IT prepared for potential security breaches and operating errors, and your digital business products quick to market and consistently updated. Cloud development allows for custom provisioning of compute resources and storage, and leveraging existing cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure to make the most of your resources. 

Great cloud development demands a strong DevOps process and expert developers. If you need guidance while developing in the cloud, Cascadeo’s experts can help you build functionality, security, regulatory compliance, and adaptability in your cloud environments. 

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