Cloud Expertise for Digital Transformation Across a Wide Spectrum of Industries

Whatever your industry, a cloud transformation with a great partner can supercharge your operations, customer experience, and regulatory compliance functions. Cascadeo’s highly certified experts bring a wealth of experience to your cloud transition, working closely with you to build a strategy that addresses your industry’s specialized needs.
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Digital transformation plays a significant role in change to our healthcare delivery models. This trend was vitally important during the pandemic when it became necessary and desirable for providers to treat people remotely to reduce the need for in-person visits, and remains valuable for a wide variety of care and practice management contexts.

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Enable your team to focus on building software solutions for your business while reducing costs with flexible cloud solutions. Experienced solution architects can help you innovate and deploy unique solutions while providing protection for your data and services, and ensuring adherence with the regulations governing your industry sector.

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Challenges facing the manufacturing industry range from a lack of supply chain visibility and collaboration, to skills shortages and siloed data. Adding to the conundrum is today’s fast-moving business and marketing landscape that forces companies to make digital transformations to stay competitive. Cloud solutions can simplify inventory management, logistics, recruiting, and compliance.

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Enable your team to focus on building software solutions for your business while reducing costs with flexible cloud solutions. Experienced solution architects can help you innovate and deploy unique solutions while providing protection for your data and services, and ensuring adherence with the regulations governing your industry sector.

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Human Resources

The technology processes essential to good HR once happened behind closed doors—payroll processing, training curriculum development, confidential file management. Today, talent management demands geographically independent, secure, flexible technology systems to support hybrid and remote work across an organization’s departments and functions.

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Access to information about water mains, service lines, fire hydrants—information that can be as granular as the size of a pipe, or the year it was installed—is all critical data for San Jose Water to keep the water supply clean, compliant, and reliable. This data increases the ability of employees who interact with it to provide exceptional customer service and better collaborate.

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Life Sciences

Digital transformation offers life sciences companies the agility and data management capacity to navigate structural upheaval and increased customer touchpoint demands. Cloud transformation offers nearly unlimited data storage, analytics, and modeling capacity for collaborative research at a faster pace than ever before, allowing your R & D endeavors to accelerate without compromising user experience.

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Retail & Wholesale

Successful retail and wholesale demand agility. Seasonal peaks, supply chain issues, and shifting consumer sentiment that might disrupt another industry are all in a day’s work, which means your business demands the agile computing only available via cloud transformation. With cloud-native features like composability, scalability, and built-in redundancy, retail and wholesale organizations can access improved inventory management, stock tracking, and supply chain management.


Wherever you are in the supply chain, you’re going to need to improved agility to keep up. When logistics get complicated and customer demand changes abruptly, the resiliency of your IT infrastructure and the security of your data demand modern solutions. With expert public cloud services, you can focus on innovation in the production sector and personalized touchpoints while maintaining compliance standards in both safety and financing sectors of the industry.

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Transportation and Logistics

The keys to great logistics and transportation are knowing where a load is located at all times, and getting every load delivered on time. All aspects of this work are made easier, more adaptable, and more reliable in the cloud. From planning to tracking to vehicle maintenance and employee experience, cloud-native IT helps transportation companies deliver better.

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Justice and Public Safety

Justice and Public Safety organizations can improve access to services, foster digital community collaboration, increase agility to adapt to shifting legislative and reform landscapes, and implement sophisticated identity management and data analysis tools with a cloud transformation. Cloud-native features offer agility and stability to serve constituents more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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General Public Services

Digital resources can be harnessed to improve community connections, access to services, and data security for public services organizations. Cloud-native features like composability, advanced identity and access management, and digital collaboration tools can streamline delivery of services while keeping your department in compliance with constantly evolving legal and regulatory requirements.

Social Services

In the cloud, social services organizations get agility, data security, and stronger digital collaboration; constituents get improved access to services. Communities get more effective, agile, and efficient public services. Digital transformation offers the agility, security, and connectivity modern social services stakeholders demand.

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Virtual Care

You put health in people’s pockets, and they trust you with the most intimate details of their chronic diseases, health behaviors, and care protocols.  Learn how cloud-native technologies and expert managed services can keep your data secure and your reputation as a trustworthy source of care impeccable.

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Biotech enterprises thrive on innovation, and require technical infrastructures that are fast-moving, responsive, and agile to balance the precision and care of R&D with the demands of an ever-accelerating market and complex regulatory factors, the kind of features only available through digital transformation.

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Big data needs a big home. For the highest-level research, that home needs to be flexible, secure, and well-managed.  The cloud has room for everything you’ve learned, and everything you’ll discover later, with scalability and elasticity so you won’t waste server space as you grow, and security built in from the start.

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Modern telecommunications companies must innovate to thrive. Your customers need more than connectivity: they need the advanced features only available in the cloud. Agility, flexibility, advanced access management, rapid releases, unprecedented data, and growth at scale are all made possible by a cloud transformation.

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Educational institutions and ed-tech companies need evidence-based methods and demonstrated outcomes to thrive. Cloud-native data management, access control, and analytics can provide the insight, resiliency, and security you need to serve your constituents in a rapidly evolving academic landscape.

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Insurance works better in the cloud. With cloud-native options like machine learning for coverage data insights, IoT connectivity, advanced features to facilitate improved customer relationships, and scalability and automation to handle spikes in computing demand, insurance companies can move smoothly into the future.

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Ad Tech

Your customers need knowledge, precision, and speed, the kind you can only get in the cloud. With advanced data management and real-time analytics, scalability, and the most sophisticated tools for customer access and team collaboration, cloud computing represents the best of all possibilities for advertising tech.  

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Oil and Gas

An industry in flux needs business agility. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of demand decreases and supply chain woes of the global pandemic, lagging production recovery, sustainability concerns, or the rapid increase of electric vehicle technology, you need cloud-native data management, scalability, and composability.

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