Business Agility for the Petroleum Industry

Photo of an oil working reviewing rig data.
Composability, scalability, and sustainability make the cloud the right choice for oil and gas companies in uncertain times.

An industry in flux needs business agility. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of demand decreases and supply chain woes of the global pandemic, lagging production recovery, sustainability concerns, or the rapid increase of electric vehicle technology, you need clear data, the capacity for rapid adaptation, and the ability to launch new initiatives and revise existing ones without delay. You need a cloud transformation.

Adapting to shifting circumstances requires data, and data works better in the cloud. Real time tracking of supply chains, production facilities, and retail sites is accessible with cloud-native technologies and IoT devices. Advanced data management capabilities facilitate predictive analytics and business intelligence so you can make accurate projections in the most precarious of environments.

Composability, a key feature of cloud computing, provides the flexibility you need as the industry landscape shifts. Where legacy monolithic architectures bind your applications and functions closely together, requiring extensive overhauls to update single apps, cloud-native builds loosely couple your business-critical functions so that they can be replaced or updated when needs change without affecting the rest of your system. Combined with the scalability and elasticity of the cloud, you’re in full control of your usage, release cycles, and new developments.

A well-built cloud architecture also offers the sustainability you need to keep your image clean. Because you only use as much cloud computing power as you need, wasted server capacity—and the energy it requires—are out of the picture. And your advanced data analytics give you the knowledge you need to back up your environmental claims, so you stay in good standing with consumers who value sustainability in your marketing and in your operations.

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