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Graphic of two people working on servers. is an AIOps-powered IT service intelligence platform, with data analytics at its core.

Our award-winning cloud management platform,, provides around-the-clock, customizable infrastructure monitoring, incident response, alerting, governance, and management, with 24/7/365 expert support. Powered by AI and machine learning, the platform keeps your business online, operational, and scalable, with support for cost analytics, management, and periodic architecture reviews.

Designed to fully integrate with your public cloud, on-prem, and hybrid deployments and current cloud tools, can be customized to work with a wide range of customer inputs and provide alerts to the channels you designate, via Slack, email, or SMS. Alert thresholds are automated to match your system’s recommendations, but can be fully customized to account for your particular needs. Because it’s built to be adaptable, the platform is ready to work with innovations in your infrastructure’s future.

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Features and Benefits of

Automated Onboarding

Onboarding automation gets you up and running fast. Because is installed via automation and thresholds are either pre-configured or developed via machine learning, the platform is deployed with full alerting and account coverage in a single hour, providing immediate value and saving you time.

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Actionable Insights

Customer-directed outputs mean that relevant notifications are sent directly to designated users via Slack, email, or SMS, so your staff doesn’t have to spend time digging through dashboards to find out what’s happening in your system. Customizable thresholds allow you to control the insights the system provides, or choose to rely on machine-learning determined ones.

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Integrate with Existing Tools

Instead of replacing or replicating your existing cloud architecture, monitoring, and ticketing tools, is built to consolidate them, bringing them together into a system that enhances their best features and preserves your investment.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms and anomaly detection help limit business-impacting events and refine alerts to save you time. learns your system’s patterns and behaviors, providing alerts when anomalies come together from multiple sources to threaten your continuity, and reducing alerts in patterns that routinely resolve on their own, preventing unnecessary downtime and staff time devoted to unneeded interventions.

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Cloud-Delivered Platform

Our SaaS platform is updated frequently with new features and resources and fully managed for a lower TCO and low maintenance performance for your in-house staff. It’s frequently updated with no investment in time or intervention on your part.

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Security & Governance

The platform inventories your cloud assets and data access and applies your governance policies automatically, then runs periodic policy checks to make sure your architecture is operating in compliance with your security standards.

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