Resilient, Reliable Systems for Maximum Uptime

Keep your critical infrastructure and applications always available

Outages, errors, and disasters happen, but they don’t have to be crises for your data and critical processes. With a system built to minimize the impact of outages and a great disaster recovery plan, you can prevent most data loss, avoid elongated downtime, and get your business back to business quickly and efficiently.

Public cloud applications are made to diffuse the impact of outages and to protect your data. Cascadeo’s cloud experts build flexibility, agility, and resiliency into cloud-native operations, and can help you create a business continuity plan to keep your system reliable and recoverable even in the face of unexpected events.  


A strong business continuity plan must build on a business impact assessment that acknowledges your vulnerabilities and the impact of outages on your operations, including financial and operational cost, potential data loss, and cost of downtime and recovery procedures. It must also be inclusive of leadership, risk management, operations, and all other stakeholders in the recovery pipeline, ensuring that your plan is comprehensive and effective. 

Built-in Resiliency 

A custom-built cloud-native system is already built for resiliency through tools like microservices, distributed server environments, serverless functions, and inherent redundancy to provide immediate failover. Disaster recovery for data spread across multiple, geographically diverse storage and analytics environments might simply mean redirecting operations to a backup server that remains unimpacted. Decoupled application components allow others to continue to operate when one goes down. AIOps and managed services are key to keeping your data and infrastructure running; systems like Cascadeo AI and Amazon DevOps Guru provide automated monitoring and alerts to prevent service interruptions before they happen. DevOps processes facilitate rapid patching and updates to address issues that arise during releases, and allow for market-responsive feature and security development. And all major cloud providers include disaster recovery systems in their platform offerings.  

Disaster Recovery

While uptime is guaranteed for Cascadeo-built cloud environments, unexpected events like human error can result in downtime or data loss. In such cases, the key to recovery is knowing exactly what to do to minimize, or even eliminate, the impact of that loss, and making certain everyone in the process knows and follows the plan. Cascadeo Professional Services can help you build a plan for business continuity management and governance that covers the full scope of possibilities, and our expert support team is available 24/7 to assist. 

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