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A scientist conducts research in a lab.
Big data needs a big home. The cloud has room for everything you’ve learned, and everything you’ll discover later, and all the discoveries you haven’t imagined yet.

Big data needs a big home. For the highest-level research, that home needs to be flexible, secure, and well-managed.  The cloud has room for everything you’ve learned, and everything you’ll discover later, with scalability and elasticity so you won’t waste server space as you grow, and security built in from the start, including secure options for data transfer and collaboration.

Your data works smarter in the cloud, too. With sophisticated access and user management control, plus nearly unlimited computing power for modeling, collaborative research and advanced analytics are easier than ever. Whether you’re analyzing more customers’ genetic predispositions than ever or digging into the human genome for new discoveries, a cloud transformation can enable your data to provide answers faster, and more clearly, than ever before.

Cloud managed services add an extra layer of benefits to your IT environment. No more hiring or upskilling staff to manage new technology needs, and no more mix-and-match point systems to keep your cloud running—Cascadeo offers industry-best cloud deployment and support, and our cloud management platform, Cascadeo AI, employs AI and machine learning to streamline system alerts, so you can use your cloud to accomplish your goals, instead of focusing on maintaining your system.

All this points to an enhanced user experience that involves more touchpoints than ever before, as customers demand unprecedented access to their data, and researchers and regulators require increasingly complex and specialized analytics and compliance. Cloud-native infrastructures and apps allow you to build trust at every level, while maintaining control of your data, processes, and regulatory needs.

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