Generative AI and Agriculture: A Path to a Better Food System

2024-02-13T09:44:52-08:00February 13, 2024|Blog, GenAI, News|

Now is the time to prioritize responsible, thoughtful implementation of AI in agriculture to create a more stable and environmentally sustainable food system. Learn how generative AI can be used to support a new age of farming in this guest post by Cascadeo CTO Jared Reimer. READ MORE

Generative AI and Sustainability: The Future of Nuclear Energy

2024-02-12T10:48:04-08:00January 22, 2024|Blog, GenAI, News|

Nuclear power is a bridge to a renewable energy era, offering a proven and scalable solution to the pressing problems of climate change and pollution. Learn how generative AI can be used to support its safe, scalable development in this guest post by Cascadeo CTO Jared Reimer. READ MORE

Fostering Customer Engagement and Trust with Generative AI

2024-02-12T10:48:40-08:00January 19, 2024|Blog, GenAI, News|

Only with a commitment to ethics and transparent communication of that commitment will you be able to take full advantage of customer-centric opportunities presented by gen AI. AI Tools Can Help Build Customer Loyalty Generative AI presents both READ MORE

Learning from Generative AI: How New Tools Can Help Increase Skill Levels Across Industries 

2024-02-12T10:55:07-08:00January 10, 2024|Blog, GenAI, News|

While many generative AI use cases emphasize increased productivity and labor savings, with the right approach, a smart business can improve the quality of its workforce, rather than downsizing it, building a foundation for an innovative, growth-oriented future.   Gen AI Can Help READ MORE

AI and EVs: Pioneering the Future of Sustainable Transportation

2024-02-12T10:55:50-08:00January 4, 2024|Blog, GenAI, News|

In 2024, we're all about generative AI. Learn about the crucial relationship between generative AI and the emerging technology powering EVs in this guest post from Cascadeo CTO Jared Reimer. Generative AI Can Accelerate EV Development and Adoption The stark reality READ MORE

Broadening Access and Streamlining Service: Gen AI Accelerates Telecom

2024-02-12T11:01:25-08:00November 29, 2023|Blog, GenAI, News|

The basic goals of streamlining, simplifying, and accelerating information production apply particularly well in an industry dedicated to broadening access to communication channels and tools. Every Facet of Telecom Operations Can Benefit From a Strategic Gen AI Implementation It only makes READ MORE

You Need to Build Cloud Muscle Memory and Skill: Jared Reimer on Enterprise Radio

2024-01-25T09:35:47-08:00November 7, 2023|Blog, DevOps, GenAI, News|

"So the key things there: you need to be cloud first. You need to be cloud native. You need to build cloud muscle memory and skill, either in-house or with a partner, because that is the foundation for all of the enterprise AI that's to come." —Jared Reimer, READ MORE

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