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2024 will be the year generative AI shifts from technical marvel to essential business tool. Cascadeo is excited to help you get ready.  

The Gen AI Wave is Here. Cascadeo Can Help You Catch It.

Cascadeo 2024 Preview

Decorative image of a human finger and a robot finger reaching for text that reads 2024, behind a blue overlay with the Cascadeo logo in white.For the past year, all the tech news has been about generative AI’s evolving capabilities and the emerging tools designed to harness it. In 2024, it will be time to put them to serious business use. We foresee generative AI refocusing—but not replacing—the digital transformation and managed services that power our customers’ success in the cloud.  

As gen AI use cases develop across a broad spectrum of industries, enterprises will need expert guidance developing adoption strategies, preparing data and operating environments for implementation, and managing those environments once they’re established. As seasoned cloud experts who’ve already been using LLMs as part of our composite AI implementation in the Cascadeo AI cloud management platform, we are excited to help our customers stay competitive, as “more than 80% of enterprises will have used generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) application programming interfaces (APIs) or models, and/or deployed GenAI-enabled applications in production environments” by 2026, according to Gartner. 

Strategy in this area is likely to be complicated, but waiting until the picture clears may cause you to fall behind. In fact, according to Gartner polling, more than half of organizations are already in the process of implementing gen AI applications and tools and stand to increase worker productivity, among other benefits, as a result. Diving in without a clear strategy, or pursuing a technology-led approach, may mire you in a fractured set of clever but ultimately impractical implementations; the best bet will be to assess your current business model and research available and predicted AI use cases to build to your goals. For most organizations, this will require outside experts who can see the bigger AI picture, including complex implementations like composite AI, and advise on the approaches that offer the most benefit to your business.  

The first step of any AI strategy will be preparation, which for many will mean a public cloud migration. While some argue that it is possible to implement generative AI in data center or on-prem environments, that approach relies on predictable usage. Considering the speed of generative AI’s expansion in use cases, accurate predictions about usage seem unlikely, at best. Moreover, confining future options to the limited operating capacity of an on-prem operation sets up impractical limitations on rapidly evolving technologies and encourages waste. How will you adapt if a use case emerges that can revolutionize an important aspect of your industry, but you’ve committed to limited hardware? Cloud-native gen AI implementations eliminate these barriers to full engagement. Instead of taking on the challenges of building for gen AI on-prem or in a data center, it makes the most sense to open your options as the landscape continues to develop by migrating to a scalable cloud environment.  

This likely wave of public cloud adoption speaks, in turn, to an expanded need for cloud managed services. The professed downsides of cloud adoption, like cost overruns, security and compliance concerns, and cloud complexity can all be eliminated with an expert cloud build and an experienced manage services provider with tools and knowledge to ensure your cloud costs and operations remain optimized, your operating environment continues to conform to best cloud practices, and your data remains secure and in compliance.  

In managed services, too, generative AI is likely to prompt substantial changes. Cloud management platforms like Cascadeo AI are using composite AI implementations that combine gen AI with traditional AI/ML functions to support managed services more effectively than ever before, reducing ticket resolution times, automating security and compliance functions, and providing new levels of visibility with automated reporting so customers always know their environments are optimized and safe. MSPs benefit from these tools, as well, by managing more cloud accounts with the same workforce, without compromising on quality.  

So where are we headed? Into the gen AI wave, and we’re bringing all of our knowledge and experience with us, to help our customers ride that wave to success.