Case Studies


2023-12-04T13:52:27-08:00August 21, 2019|Case Studies|

Case Study: Meteorcomm As a result of their migration to AWS, Meteorcomm has reduced time to completion for each regression test by 75% and estimates a 50% year-over-year cost savings. About Meteorcomm Meteorcomm is the rail industry’s trusted choice for wireless READ MORE


2022-11-22T10:32:50-08:00August 21, 2019|Case Studies|

Case Study: Chef Certification By providing our clients with certified Cloud and Chef engineers, Cascadeo empowers our clients to integrate proper deployment methodologies, change management strategies, and continuous integration and delivery into their development cycles. About Chef Chef helps customers automate READ MORE


2023-12-04T13:52:47-08:00August 21, 2019|Case Studies|

Case Study: Glympse Cascadeo’s Managed Services team reduced the operational burden placed on Glympse’s DevOps, SRE and Application teams, allowing them to focus on product innovation. About Glympse Glympse is a pioneer of real-time location sharing technology, which solves the last-mile READ MORE

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