The Most Advanced AI, Together in One Tool

Decorative graphic of a machine conducting data analytics.
The best available generative AI technologies provide powerful insights to keep your operations performing optimally.

Cascadeo AI synthesizes the best AI in a single tool, fusing multiple generative AI technologies, proprietary AI/ML, Amazon DevOps Guru, and human insight to achieve superior cloud operational outcomes with a single platform. Drawing on the most advanced AI systems available, it enables businesses to monitor, manage, and optimize thousands of public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-prem deployments in real time.

  • Multi-AI integration
  • Accurate and fast analysis and verification,
  • Remediation recipes for events, alerts
  • Time-series metrics Configuration state notifications
  • Billing and consumption metrics

Cloud Management Platform

While other cloud management platforms provide visibility into IT systems by detecting anomalies and learning operational patterns to provide alerts for remediation purposes, Cascadeo AI advances beyond monitoring and detection by providing clear, expert-approved remediation recommendations to keep your operations at their best.

Because Cascadeo AI is Saas-delivered and constantly updated, the platform’s AI integrations will continue to advance as generative AI technology advances, keeping you on the leading edge of AI-powered cloud management.

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