Announcements and FAQ About the Latest Release

From the Cascadeo AI Platform Team
Diagram demonstrating the configuration process for Cascadeo AI.

Creating a composite AI event transformation pipeline.

Cascadeo proudly announces the launch of new capabilities in the Cascadeo AI Platform which automate the setup and maintenance of multi-cloud composite AI cloud operations. Enterprises and MSPs utilizing the Cascadeo AI Platform in cloud and on-premise environments can now self-manage generative AI tooling that creates runbook recipes, real-time incident analysis, cloud optimization recommendations, governance reporting and notifications automatically. This unique set of capabilities is an industry-first and defines the next generation of cloud management platforms.

Previously, customers could add integrations and event pipelines in the Cascadeo AI console. While hundreds of enterprise customers have created reports and notification workflows this way, it was complex to setup and maintain generative AI event enrichment for complex cloud environments. Additionally, as cloud infrastructure has evolved and the need for full-stack monitoring emerged, multiple siloed monitoring systems had to be built and updated separately, such that monitoring would often fall out of sync with the endlessly-evolving landscape of an enterprise IT environment within, across, and outside of publc cloud.

With today’s release, people of all skill levels can now leverage the Cascadeo AI Platform to rapidly and automatically leverage multiple generative AI tools including AWS Bedrock, SageMaker, Amazon DevOps Guru, and beyond. As customers add integrations to assets including cloud, on-premise infrastructure, database engines, guest operating systems, and even legacy monitoring systems, they unify their event ingestion and handling with the power of composite AI. Behind the curtain, the platform is built entirely on AWS Lambda serverless technology and the suite of AWS generative AI tools, including CodeWhisperer for software engineering. The following screenshots are a demonstration of the capabilities of the platform.

First, we select integrations to connect our existing cloud and non-cloud infrastructure, such that the platform can receive a stream of events from multiple data sources.

Screenshot showing the process of adding new inputs and outputs in Cascadeo AI.

Adding new data sources (inputs) and notification targets (outputs)

Next, the user configures an event pipeline and enables generative AI. We also enable notifications to best of breed tools like Slack, email, and Zendesk. Finally, customers can optionally leverage Cascadeo’s 24x7x365 managed services NOC for incident response—offloading most operational tasks and freeing the client to focus on building value for their customers, employees, and shareholders.

Screenshot showing the process of creating a new event handling pipeline in Cascadeo AI.

Creating a new event handling pipeline with optional 24×7 human NOC and generative AI event enrichment.

Deployed to production in September 2023, these revolutionary features and capabilities are now available to the world. We welcome all users, regardless of whether or not they are Cascadeo clients, to use our platform, provide feedback and suggestions, and to benefit from the innovations that our company, AWS, and the makers of generative AI tooling have created over the last six months. First to market globally, Cascadeo AI offers capabilities that exist nowhere else on Earth—and you are not required to pay to use them experimentally or in production. We do intend to charge for certain advanced capabilities, including generative AI functionality, in the future, but this will be an opt-in elective purchase and not an expectation or requirement. The platform itself will remain free to all as our contribution to the Internet community, the cloud computing ecosystem, and as a tool we ourselves use to help clients build and operate exceptional infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being released in Cascadeo AI v3.1?

Cascadeo has delivered industry-first composite AI technology for event handling across multiple cloud and non-cloud infrastructure elements. Powered by AWS Bedrock, SageMaker, DevOps Guru and beyond, the platform is capable of understanding and enriching events in a matter of seconds. This provides the operator deep insights in to the nature of the event, its business impact, validation steps, troubleshooting procedures, and remediation options. Cascadeo has redefined the cloud management platform space in the process.

Who is this meant for?

The platform is used by enterprise customers, non-profit organizations, managed services providers (MSPs) and one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. It is useful to companies of all sizes, whether they have gone all-in on public cloud or have yet to begin their journey. There is no customer too large, or too small, to benefit from the power of Cascadeo AI.

How do you charge for the use of the platform?

The Cascadeo AI platform itself is 100% free to all users. In the future, the generative AI capabilities and other value-added services which incur hard costs will be delivered similarly to the OpenAI model of token purchase and consumption. Customers will pre-purchase blocks of tokens and consume them by routing events through the platform. The rate of consumption and spending is entirely controlled by the user. There are no surprise bills or runaway costs.

Which infrastructure elements can be managed through Cascadeo’s cloud management platform?

The list of integrations grows with every release. We also build customized integrations for customers who have unique needs or proprietary systems. A list of the currently supported integrations can be found on our website or by creating a free account online at

Do I need to sign any contracts or provide billing information to use the platform?

No. The platform is designed to be entirely self-service SaaS. We do not ask for any billing information, nor do we require a credit card on file for you to use it. However, we will soon be adding optional value-added features which will incur costs in the token consumption model described above and recently made popular by OpenAI. Because our generative AI costs are incurred in this same fashion, we believe the token purchase and consumption model best aligns our clients’ spending with the hard cost Cascadeo incurs delivering the service.

How do I connect my cloud environments and other sources of telemetry to Cascadeo AI?

The Cascadeo Cloud management provider uses a Cascadeo API token for authentication. This allows all API calls performed by the Cloud management provider to authenticate as your Cascadeo user.

Are there plans to add other integrations and generative AI tooling to the Cascadeo AI cloud management platform?

Of course. We add new integrations (input and output) and new generative AI capabilities with every release of the product. Because it is delivered as SaaS, our users gain the benefit of these new capabilities automatically without having to take any action or initiate a manual upgrade. As the technology evolves, our platform grows. Given the astounding rate of progress in the generative AI space, we anticipate exponential gains in the platform’s capabilities in the months ahead.

What other capabilities does the Cascadeo AI platform have today?

Beyond the revolutionary integration of composite AI with cloud management, the platform provides a variety of useful functions. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Cloud inventory management and reporting
  • AWS resale billing, local currency conversion, and more
  • Public cloud governance reporting and recommendations, including security and compliance
  • Customizable, interactive dashboards and visualizations
  • Cost management dashboards and reporting

How can I learn more about the Cascadeo AI platform and company?

There are three options. First, our website contains a wealth of information, including release notes on the latest version of the platform. Second, we encourage you to try the platform yourself and experiment with it. Finally, our excellent sales team is happy to meet with you to discuss the range of services offered by our company. These include professional services, managed services, cloud resale, the Cascadeo AI platform, and beyond. We are licensing the platform to MSPs, telcos, enterprise customers, non-profit organizations and others and can customize or extend it as needed to meet the unique needs of each client. Customizations are typically treated as standard professional services projects and billed accordingly.