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Check out the FAQ below to get answers to your questions about Cascadeo.

Q. What is Cascadeo?

A. Cascadeo is a public cloud managed and professional services provider specializing in digital modernization and cloud management. Our expert engineering staff maintains certifications across all major North American cloud providers, and our SaaS cloud management platform, Cascadeo AI, provides the most innovative AI-assisted monitoring and remediation available. We are an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with more than 100 AWS certifications and a Microsoft Azure Gold Certified partner.

Q. How do you define managed services?

A. In short, Cascadeo managed services take care of your cloud so you can take care of your business. We design, implement, and maintain public cloud systems for mid-size to enterprise companies, including advanced multi-AI monitoring and remediation with our proprietary cloud management platform, Cascadeo AI. Cascadeo managed services clients receive 24/7/365 support defined by our SLA, and quarterly cost optimization, architecture review, and compliance reporting.

Q. What do you mean by digital transformation?

A. We believe our customers are best served by cloud deployments that take full advantage of the scale capabilities of the cloud. We custom engineer cloud migrations and architectures to maximize business agility, cost optimization, security, and capacity for growth at scale. Custom Cascadeo deployments begin with a full discovery of your current operations and understanding of your future needs, and ends with a custom-architected cloud deployment built to fulfill those needs and remain optimized, resilient, and secure. Digital transformation means rebuilding your entire IT architecture with cloud-native tools and features; a less intensive modernization may involve refactoring some of your applications to serve your needs and achieve your goals in the cloud.

Q. Who uses Cascadeo managed services?

A. Cascadeo offers public cloud managed services across industries from mid-size through enterprise corporations. We have particular experience in technology, public utilities, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, and construction, but because our services are custom-built to achieve your business objectives, they are beneficial to a wide spectrum of industries.

Q. Why would I go to Cascadeo when I could go directly to one of the hyperscalers?

A. Our experienced and certified engineers have the knowledge to build the most effective cloud deployment for your specific business needs, and we can negotiate with the hyperscalers to get you the best possible resale deal. Our partner status with each of the major cloud providers is independently audited, assuring that our expertise remains up to date and our work aligns with best practices, and also allows us access to special funding programs that may offset some of the costs of your cloud transformation.

Q. What is Cascadeo AI?

A. Cascadeo AI is a proprietary SaaS platform that simplifies management of your public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises deployments by gathering extensive operational data and telemetry from your system, analyzing that data, and providing streamlined alerts with AI-powered runbook recipes to facilitate fast, easy remediation and outage prevention. Cascadeo AI is a key feature of Cascadeo’s managed service offerings.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. Cascadeo provides cloud professional and managed services including migration, discovery and assessment, cloud brokerage, dedicated services, and consulting on all facets of cloud transformation and operations. We take care of your cloud so you can take care of your customers. We also offer our proprietary cloud management platform augmented with multi-AI advances, Cascadeo AI, to MSP resellers and all of our managed services clients.

Q. Where is Cascadeo located?

A. Cascadeo is headquartered in Seattle, WA and Manila, Philippines. A subsidiary of Globe Group, Cascadeo provides cloud services worldwide, with a focus on North American mid-size to enterprise customers.

Q. What is your support policy?

A. Cascadeo customers receive 24/7/365 support in accordance with our SLA.