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Happier, More Productive Employees Enabled by Cloud

“55% of employees are high performers when provided radical flexibility over where, when and with whom they work versus 36% of those working 9 to 5 in the office.” —Gartner, The Future of WorkSeptember 7, 2022

Modern workplaces are digital workplaces, and in digital workplaces, employee experience and productivity are inextricably entwined. In fact, research has shown that happy employees are a full 12% more productive than others. According to research firm Gartner, today more than half of employees demand hybrid and remote work options, and the same amount are high-performing workers when given the flexibility to work they way they want.

Cloud-native environments invite hybrid and remote work designed around your employees. Again, from Gartner: “human-centric work design decreases employee fatigue by 44%, increases their intent to stay by 45% and improves performance by 28%.” How those environments are shaped determines how effectively you recruit, retain, and lead your workforce. Naturally, new working configurations create concerns: how will you keep your data safe across locations, devices, wi-fi networks, and time zones?

  • Cloud-native apps to manage employee collaboration, interaction, and customer-facing functions that stay stable around the clock and have security built in from the start.

  • Apps that seamlessly integrate to eliminate repetition and inefficiencies. With managed services and automated operations and monitoring to keep your employees focused on innovation and service.

  • Reliable IT infrastructure and scalable cloud computing capacity that expands and retracts on command.

  • More time to do the work that moves your business and your employees forward.

Considering the Modern Workplace Environment

Another advantage of enabling your employees through cloud services is the ability for them to work anywhere, anytime. Even if most of your business in performed in-office, having a secure connection via cloud services helps your employees and your customers in the case of natural disasters, public health emergencies, or local power outages.

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