Have an upcoming or new contract with AWS, Azure, or GCP? Download the white paper to learn more about how work with hyperscalers.

In this white paper, learn the ins and outs of cloud vendor negotiations, including how to leverage your size to optimize rates at take advantage of managed service experts and cloud resellers.

Text on blue background with an icon of a server configuration on the right: Cascadeo White Paper: Opportunities and Challenges in Cloud Contract Negotiations
Cloud contract negotiations present a wealth of opportunities, and raise a number of issues. Learn to leverage your power and avoid pitfalls.

The primary challenges of cloud contracting are the sheer breadth and depth of contracting and procurement options available.

There are numerous ways to procure the same or similar services: directly from the cloud provider, via the cloud provider’s marketplace, from a third-party reseller, a third-party app vendor, a Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) company, a managed services provider (MSP), a professional services (PS) firm, a GSI, or some combination thereof. And that’s only the beginning of the process of assessing your options in the cloud and learning to leverage your negotiating power.