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“The demand for experienced, competent cloud talent continues to rise much faster than the supply does…We really wanted to build our own army of cloud native people.” —Jared Reimer, Cascadeo Founder and President

Filling the Cloud Talent Gap: Jared Reimer joins the AWS Insider Podcast

“…So very, very early on, in the formative days at Cascadeo, we were hiring folks locally in Seattle, some of whom we’d worked with before. And I was traveling a lot back then, before I had kids, and was in northern Thailand on the border with Laos. And I was there to see this event that periodically occurs, where there’s some kind of methane bubbles or something, that spontaneously combust, coming out of the river. And I did not get to see the fireballs, unfortunately, that year. It didn’t seem to happen. Unclear why. Maybe it’s just bad luck or maybe the whole thing’s an urban legend.

“But I was there and I was sitting on the edge of the river. And I thought maybe there’s cloud talent elsewhere. And so I put up some ads for talent in India, in the Philippines, and in Thailand. And ended up hiring two of the folks that I met through that process…

“We really wanted to build our own army of cloud native people. And I’m really proud to say that we’ve done that. And this year we’re launching Cascadeo University, which is our initiative for workforce development.” —Cascadeo Founder and President Jared Reimer on the AWS Insider Podcast. Listen here.