Cascadeo and Edge Delta Team Up to Improve Observability

Managed Services Excellence in AWS Environments

Seattle, April 3, 2023Cascadeo and Edge Delta today announced a new partnership that expands offerings for both companies in Kubernetes deployment observability. Through the partnership, Cascadeo becomes an Edge Delta Kubernetes observability reseller and takes on the role of preferred enterprise implementation partner for Edge Delta’s enterprise customers. As cloud-native companies and Kubernetes experts, respectively, the partnership enhances services for customers of both organizations.

Kubernetes is an open-source management system for containers, which are ready-to-run software packages. Large organizations use containers as part of modern application infrastructure in order to scale quickly and enable DevOps. Observability offers visibility into distributed platforms for automated issue identification and automated resolution where possible. Edge Delta’s observability tools enhance Kubernetes systems by offering advanced visibility of containers in cloud architectures.

“We chose Cascadeo as a partner because of their cloud-first philosophy and experience,” said Ozan Unlu, CEO and Founder. “Our customers trust Edge Delta to help make sense of the of the vast amounts of data that are available to them, and Cascadeo will help organizations get to value even more quickly.”

Cascadeo’s managed and professional services help enterprises design, build, implement, optimize, and manage public cloud deployments. This enables efficient use of capital and supports the ability to execute on growth at scale. When organizations adopt containerization like Kubernetes, development teams can deploy software much more rapidly and adjust to market needs quickly. Cascadeo also offers support and maintenance of Kubernetes clusters. 

“We are excited to partner with Edge Delta to continue to provide the services our clients need to enable their own growth,” said Thomas Burns, SVP, Cascadeo. “Though cloud services, containers, and even microservices have been making inroads into the market for some time, we still see vast potential for innovation.”

Together, Edge Delta and Cascadeo will drive operational efficiency across applications and infrastructure. 

About Cascadeo 

Cascadeo is a Managed Services and Professional Services company devoted to fostering customer innovation. Cascadeo advises on public cloud initiatives at every stage, from defining cloud strategy through the design, build, automation, and management of cloud deployments. Headquartered in Manila, Philippines and Seattle, Washington, Cascadeo is a division of Globe Telecom. Learn more at

About Edge Delta 

Edge Delta takes a modern approach to observability by giving enterprises the ability to use distributed stream processing and federated machine learning capabilities for intelligent, dynamic, and automated data processing at the edge. Organizations now have access to limitless analytics and unparalleled visibility leading to significant operational efficiencies and predictability that was previously not possible.