Release: Cascadeo and AWS ink Strategic Collaboration Agreement

Seattle, WA—February 28, 2022—Cascadeo, a leading cloud information technology (IT) transformation services provider, today announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to accelerate enterprise and mid-market cloud adoption. This announcement represents a significant investment in the company’s professional and managed services offerings, all of which are delivered through AWS’s secure cloud services.

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Cascadeo has been serving the AWS market for over a decade and a half. It has built a portfolio of customers both private and publicly traded across top revenue-producing industries in North America, including healthcare and wellness; transportation and logistics; consumer retail; construction; and IT.

”This agreement with AWS drives value for organizations who understand the imperative to modernize,” said Peter Maquera, Chief Executive Officer at Cascadeo and Senior Vice President at Globe Business, Enterprise Group. “This SCA further deepens Cascadeo’s cloud expertise across a team of cloud consultants, engineers, architects, and developers who take a strategic approach to cloud-first and cloud-readiness initiatives.”

In the increasingly maturing cloud infrastructure and digital compute marketplace, AWS remains the platform with the broadest adoption globally. The collaboration with AWS empowers Cascadeo to create a richer customer experience and represents a continued commitment to helping businesses across verticals transition their workloads, applications, and critical information to AWS. At Cascadeo, over 200 certified professionals are already available to define business goals, build migration roadmaps, optimize the cloud move, and implement a contemporary approach to ensure ongoing operational excellence.

“Since Cascadeo’s inception, we have always counseled clients to operate on cloud management platforms,” said Jared Reimer, Founder and President at Cascadeo. “AWS has been the leader in this space, and we are excited to more closely align through the Strategic Collaboration Agreement.”

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