Fast Track Your AWS Migration

Blue, white, and orange graphic of a stack of servers connected to a cloud, an iMac computer, a smartphone, and various other peripherals.
Cloud migration is a big decision. The AWS Migration Evaluator assesses the business case for your migration before you get started.

Cloud migration can provide your business with the agility to grow at scale and the resiliency your customers demand. But it represents a significant step into your organization’s future, one that must be well-planned.

Before you begin a formal readiness assessment, the AWS Migration Evaluator can provide a business-case assessment to determine the benefits. With Cascadeo as your AWS Partner, the AWS Migration Evaluator can help you:

  • Uncover potential cost savings in running workloads on AWS, including potential as related to storage

  • Determine how your existing Microsoft licenses can be used on AWS and get help with licensing conversions

  • Access incentives through the Migration Acceleration Program from AWS (MAP) and the Red Hat Acceleration Migration Program (RAMP)

  • Understand how a cloud migration can fit into your current IT strategy.

Aging Windows Environment

Upcoming data center or colocation renewal

Address cost concerns

Get supporting data & buy-in for cloud migration

Get Ready To Go Cloud First