Encore Case Study

The Opportunity

Encore was looking for help migrating an application running in Azure to AWS. The existing application leverages an Azure Function (using Visual Studio C#) that reads an FTP server, grabs files, and processes those files into D365. In order to expedite the migration Encore requested sample code that would target a specific set of requirements such that it could be used to educate its development team. The company engaged Cascadeo, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to design and implement a proof of concept using the AWS .NET SDK.

The Partner

Cascadeo is a cloud DevOps engineering firm focused on mid-market to enterprise customers that require high levels of availability, performance, security, and scalability. We specialize in environments that require multi-technology dependencies, hybrid cloud solutions and connectivity, complex operational requirements, infrastructure automation, self-healing capabilities, predictive analytics and continuous deployments.

The AWS Solution

Cascadeo and Encore agreed to a proof of concept application that consist of six (6) must have requirements. Those requirements are as follows:

  • Connect to AWS with credentials
  • Navigate to correct bucket/folder
  • Loop through all files in bucket
  • Loop through each line in file
  • Loop through each field for each line
  • When finished processing, move file to a different bucket

Due to the immediacy of the request Cascadeo partnered with Encore to leverage their existing source code to design the POC solution in a non-disruptive a fashion as possible. This was accomplished by leveraging Amazon S3 to replace the need for FTP, which allowed for maximum source code reuse.

AWS Services Used

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • AWS SDK for .NET

The Success Story

Short Development turnaround, Minimum disruption to customers. Cascadeo has demonstrated how an existing application running in Azure can be migrated to AWS with minimum difficulty or disruption to the customer. They also delivered a solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing C# application.

Because of Cascadeo’s understanding of AWS’ SDKs and Services they were able to present Encore a solution that not only met their needs and timeline, but that can plug directly into their existing source.

About Cascadeo

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