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“AWS still has a substantial lead from a technology standpoint, in most regards, over the rest of the industry. They innovate in parallel at a speed that I rarely have seen ever, anywhere in the world.”

—Jared Reimer, President, Cascadeo

Tips for Partners: 5 AWS Services And Money-Making Tips to Know

Over at CRN, Cascadeo president Jared Reimer shares 5 ways AWS partners can get more out of their AWS relationship, with the ultimate goal of delivering more value to customers. Managed services and professional services help AWS users get more out of their cloud installations, but there are also additional opportunities.

Read each section or the entire article.

  1. DevOps Guru For ‘Flip-The-Switch’ Cloud Insights
  2. AWS Connect Services
  3. Data Analytics Services ‘Is More Important Than Ever’
  4. Sell Services Via AWS Marketplace To Boost Speed
  5. Adding Value On Top Of AWS Is Key

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