Cascadeo Helps Enterprises Quickly and Effectively Move Workloads and Applications to the Cloud with AWS

With NetApp, an APN Advanced Technology Partner and AWS Storage Competency Partner

Comprised of expert technologists with decades of experience, the team at Cascadeo is familiar with the challenges enterprises face as they seek to modernize and use technology to drive business outcomes. Since its founding, Cascadeo has devoted its mission to helping enterprises successfully build an automation-focused technology footprint. Given that many of its clients have on-premises footprints but are also looking to take advantage of the cloud, Cascadeo has tailored its business model to focus on professional services and cloud managed services. The company’s primary goal? Helping enterprises to avoid common migration pain points and to optimize cloud deployments more seamlessly. “Cloud done wrong yields, at best, parity with legacy IT deployments and puts enterprises at a disadvantage,” says Jared Reimer, Cascadeo’s founder and chief executive officer. “Most failed cloud migrations were set up to fail by trying to reproduce the same systems and operational processes in the cloud that were successful outside of the cloud. We’ve found that we can help enterprises take the right approach and deploy well-architected, cloud-native solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) better, faster, and cheaper. By leveraging native AWS services, like AWS CloudFormation and AWS Lambda, as well as third-party API orchestration, we can overcome the traditional ‘lift-and-shift’ challenges for migrating an existing footprint to AWS.” To-date, Cascadeo has completed hundreds of cloud client engagements. “We do not offer cloud resale; instead, we focus exclusively on providing professional services and continuing to help enterprises progress in their cloud journey, at their pace, through our managed and professional services offerings,” says Reimer. Read More 


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