Cascadeo, A Google Cloud Partner, Modernizes CenturyLink Cloud Data Analytics Platform

Cascadeo delivers Cloud Data Analytics solution for a Fortune 50 Cloud Provider with GCP Platform Technologies

Cascadeo, an industry-leading provider of Cloud, IT consulting and managed services, was chosen by CenturyLink Cloud to modernize its data analytics platform. Leveraging Google Cloud Platform (GCP) technologies, complex legacy systems have been augmented or replaced by Google cloud-native services including BigTable, BigQuery, Data Studio, and PubSub. CenturyLink Cloud Analytics leverages GCP’s leading products for infrastructure, data ingestion, and analysis. By adopting platform services, the company has obtained the ability to scale without having to “build or buy” ahead of the curve to meet reliability, capacity, and performance mandates. Cascadeo earned Google Cloud Partner & MSP status through meeting strict industry accreditations, obtaining required certifications and investing support engineering resources specifically to Google Cloud. With dozens of cloud provider industry certifications in-house, and an international team of computer scientists, DevOps experts, and cloud analytics leaders, the company is uniquely positioned to help businesses like CenturyLink with their complex, high-criticality cloud initiatives. “Modernizing the data analytics platform for CenturyLink Cloud has been an incredibly rewarding experience,” said Cascadeo Founder and CTO Jared Reimer. “This project presented an excellent opportunity to design, deploy, and operate cloud-native analytics infrastructure at extreme scale.” Cascadeo leverages GCP and other leading technology platforms to help customers with Cloud, DevOps, Monitoring, and Data Analytics.

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